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Creekside Ag Services LLC was established in 2010. It is owned by Dan and Mary FitzSimmons. Tyler Schutte joined the company in 2016 to handle seed sales and our trucking division. Combined we have 32 years of experience in seed and agricultural product sales. We offer Channel brand seed, Climate Field View, in house seed treating, and crop protection services.

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Top Picks

Corn Seed

109 RM
  • Great yield potential in stress environments with excellent Goss's Wilt and greensnap tolerance
  • Widely adapted west to east in the 110-115 RM zones
  • Excellent roots and very good stay green; very good tolerance to greensnap and leaf diseases
  • Good fit for corn-on-soybean and corn-on-corn rotations east to west due to excellent disease tolerance; very good performance in high-density plantings
102 RM
  • Has shown very stable yield performance across yield levels
  • Broadly adapted west to east in the 100-105 RM zones
  • Great roots and late season appearance
  • Adapted to most crop rotations and management; keep plant population medium
103 RM
  • Impressive yield potential with a good disease package
  • Broadly adapted west to east in the 100-105 RM zones
  • Excellent staygreen and late season intactness
  • Good fit for most yield environments with attractive agronomics to provide flexibility in placement
107 RM
  • Has shown solid performance with top-end yield potential and great disease package
  • Best fit east to west in the 105-110 RM zones; good southern movement
  • Medium plant stature with lower ear placement; attractive plant type in the field; very good stay green makes it a good silage option
  • Plant at M to MH populations; stalks and health support higher density; adapted to most rotations
101 RM
  • Outstanding yield potential across yield environments
  • Broadly adapted west to east in the 100-105 RM zones
  • Doesn't need high plant populations
  • Versatile positioning; fits most environments and management types
97 RM
  • Versatile product with a solid agronomic package
  • Broad movement from west to east in the 95-100 RM zones, moves south well
  • Has strong yield potential over a wide area; strong roots and stalks
  • Great overall plant health with good Goss's wilt tolerance

Soybean Seed

1.8 RM
  • Well-rounded soybean showing good performance in MN, ND and SD
  • Strong disease package
2.2 RM
  • Racehorse soybean with a broad acre fit
  • SCN Resistance with average disease package
  • Offensive soybean that is widely adaptable
2.4 RM
  • Broad overall fit showing better performance potential moving east
  • Has shown improved yield and standability over 2416R2X brand
  • Offensive soybean with SCN resistance